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Nelax Web Agency (www.nelax.it) - TAMONE ALESSANDRO
VAT number: IT-02629280039 - REA: NO-248103
E-Mail: info@nelax.it - ​​info@tamonealessandro.it
PEC: tamonealessandro@pec.it

"WE", "NELAX", "NELAX.IT" means "Nelax Web Agency (www.nelax.it) - TAMONE ALESSANDRO - VAT: IT-02629280039 - REA: NO-248103".

1 - Object and conditions of sale
All customers (companies or individuals) must comply with the terms and conditions of use, it is the customer's responsibility to keep informed of further changes to the terms.
NELAX may modify the terms and conditions at any time without notice.
Last modified: 25/07/2020

2 - Duration of the contract
The duration of the contract is specified by the customer at the time of the order: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual. Through tickets or email (info@nelax.it) the customer can request the modification of the contract duration (renewals).
Hosting and VPS services: it is possible to cancel the service at any time by making the request through the customer area.
Dedicated servers: the provisions of the contract signed and seen by the customer apply.

3 - Confidentiality
It is not allowed to publish information online and offline from emails, tickets or other corporate communication systems. NELAX will not publish any information online or offline to its customers. We remind you that in the domain registration it is necessary to publish the whois of the registered domain.

4 - Activation
All activations take place in 4/8 hours if the service is available, for services temporarily unavailable (example: VPS space is exhausted) it may take a few days (the customer will be notified within 2/4 hours from the order in that case ).
All customer data will be verified. NELAX with the right to refuse activation of orders (obviously by issuing a refund).

5 - VPS band
NELAX reserves the right to suspend the VPS if the traffic described in the purchased product is exceeded.
Fair-Use: It means unlimited bandwidth, but in case of excessive bandwidth use, the bandwidth can be limited to 50Mbps to ensure the correct use of network services without clogging our transits.

6 - Windows VPS license [TRIAL]
Windows Server 2016 Trial comes with a 180-day trial license. It will be the customer who will have to activate the license upon exhaustion of the 180 days (or can reset the 180 days by typing the command: slmgr -rearm in the CMD with administrative permissions), NELAX does not provide Windows licenses.

7 - Responsibility
NELAX is not responsible for any damage caused by: data loss, ddos, cyber attacks, damage to the server, errors. The customer must always make a backup of his data to be kept in a safe place (including Web Hosting services). NELAX does not provide backups to customers. No compensation for damages can be requested from NELAX for direct and / or indirect damages caused by the use or non-use of the service. The Customer fully releases NELAX from any civil and criminal liability deriving from the illicit, improper or anomalous use of the service, even if caused by third parties through the Customer's system (control panel credentials, services). NELAX is not responsible for the files contained in the space made available and anyone can have access to the information published by the Customer on their site, given the public nature of the Internet. In no case NELAX will be held responsible for the malfunction of the service, if the malfunction derives from failures, overloads, interruptions of data transmission lines, telephone lines, electrical networks, worldwide and national networks.

8 - Payments, Renewals and Activations
NELAX accepts payments via: Credit / Debit Card, PaySafeCard, Bitcoin and Wire Transfer. In the event that the customer's data cannot be verified (customer data invented), Nelax has the right to refuse activation by issuing a refund of the payment. Renewal must be made at the maximum on the expiry date. Extra days of service will not be allowed. NELAX reserves the right to cancel VPS or services even the day after the deadline.

9 - Compensation policy
The customer agrees to use all the services offered by NELAX at his own risk. In no case NELAX will be responsible for any loss of data or damage caused to the service offered.

10 - Support
NELAX is committed to offering all necessary support for administration of the service provided. Remember that NELAX does not deal with the support of scripts or software installed by the customer on our platforms.
Premium Support: Priority support which also includes support on platforms such as Telegram directly with our technicians.
Managed support: Managed support can be requested through tickets. What do you mean? The customer buys a dedicated server or a vps but does not know how to manage the web server or the content he would like to put. With a monthly expense, you can entrust this management to our technicians, leaving (only us, the customer will have normal non-administrative access to the ssh / rdp server) root access in order to intervene and install the required platforms on his server.

11 - Rights
NELAX reserves the right to suspend the service offered at any time. Any illegal or violating material laws or rights of third parties hosted on our servers is not allowed.

12 - Disputes
In the event of a dispute concerning a payment, NELAX will have the right to suspend the service at any time and request compensation for damages (which includes the cost of the disputed transaction and the preparation of the documentation to contest this request, the compensation varies from the disputed transaction).

13 - Prohibited Scripts or Software
The following software is prohibited: IRC script, Proxy server, Mail bomber, IP spoofing, Port scanner, Botnet ssh / telnet access script, Hivemail, Botnet or DDoS script, Mining CPU, CPU / RAM / SSD Stresser, Tor Exit, Tor Relay , Tor Node, Tor WebSite, Folding and other scripts that are illegal or violate third party rights. In the case of continuous stress of the CPU, Band or Disk NELAX will have the right to suspend the service to request due explanations.

14 - Refunds of services delivered
NELAX does not issue refunds for services already activated, since each of our services from delivery to the customer begins to consume goods that are not refundable to us. Example: Current, Internet connection (bandwidth used), Licenses.

15 - Reports of violation of terms or copyright
If a customer violates any term or the copyright of third parties, we ask to be contacted immediately on the email: info@nelax.it Our Staff Abuse will proceed with analysis of the report (must be complete with all possible evidence).

16 - DDoS protection
NELAX is not responsible for off-time caused by DDoS attacks.
NELAX is committed to mitigating as much as possible attack through our mitigation systems.
At the moment we can manage attacks from maximum:
Network 1: 100Gbps Layer 3/4 TCP / UDP [MAXIMUM RANGE AT IP BEFORE NULL-IP: 8MPPS]
Network 2: 250Gbps Layer 3/4 (Layer 7 on request) [PING DISABLED AT ACL LEVEL]

17 - QoS (Quality of Service) Policy

- Limited CPU usage through "child processes" and CloudLinux
- Maximum sending of e-mails: 100 mails / hour

- VPS line: excessive use of the band is not allowed for a long time (over 50Mbps)
- Maximum traffic at VPS: varies from the package purchased [Fair-Use read Nr. 5]
- In case of continuous use for hours or days at 100% of the vCore, the service could be suspended without refund
- Reinstall of VPS Linux / Windows: limited to 8 per month (executable via the management panel directly by the customer)
- Nelax staff will be able to set limits of CPU usage if there is an overload on the virtualization node or in case of excessive use for too long. This will serve to safeguard the kvm / openvz / proxmox / lxc virtualization node.

Dedicated servers:
- Re-installation of Dedicated Servers: reinstallation of Dedicated Servers is not included. You will therefore be asked to pay an additional (one-off) fee per request.

18 - Hardware Damage (Dedicated Servers)
In the case of hardware damage due to overloads (CPU and Disks for example for BTC Mining, Folding or for improper use of a dedicated server) the NELAX staff can request compensation for damage.

19 - Cancellation of services
After 5 days from the expiry of the service, NELAX.IT can cancel the service without the possibility of recovering the data (Hosting / VPS). Dedicated servers will be canceled on the day of expiry.
Please note: services with a request for cancellation by the customer will be eliminated on the day of expiry (as requested by the customer via the specific form in the customer area)

20 - IP Blacklist
In the event of a blacklist of one or more IP addresses, NELAX may suspend the service for explanations request. Blacklists can happen due to: sending Spam, configuration error of mail services, illegal content on VPS / Server. If the customer resolves the problem, the service will be reactivated (the second time the service could be permanently suspended).

21 - Abuse network
If Abuse is received on our email info@nelax.it regarding a service that is used illegally (such as: spam, ddos, copyright infringement and other services not in accordance with the law), the service may be suspended IMMEDIATELY .

22 - Resellers
The Reseller is responsible for the use of NELAX services by third parties and is required to communicate and enforce these regulations to its customers. Furthermore, the Reseller undertakes to collaborate with any action that NELAX deems necessary to prevent and correct acts that violate the regulation of the services.

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