AntiDDoS Website (Layer 3/4/7)

Tired of seeing your Website offline? Order our Remote AntiDDoS service for Web sites outside our network (The service is for websites only).

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Continuous Updates

We take care to keep our AntiDDoS checks and filters up-to-date. Every day we strive to improve our systems more and more.

AntiDDoS TeamSpeak

AntiDDoS Layer 7

The DDoS Layer 7 is now widely used on the network. It is a visit-level DDoS (flood http / https), our systems will block these DDoS.

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Stop at DDOS!

No more problems or fears of hackers threatening you with DDoS. Live a peaceful life! We take care to protect you from DDoS Layer 3/4/7! Our motto is: Stop DDoS!

AntiDDoS Remote

€4 /month

  • Protection Layer 3/4/7
  • Updates Continuous
  • NGINX Server
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Check Browser Layer 7
  • 1 Domain Protected
  • Sub-Domain Unlimited
  • 1 IP backend server
  • IP Protected Shared
  • Activation in 4/8 hours

Stop DDoS

From now on you can only think about the content of your site! We will take care of the DDoS!

Optimized line

Low latency! Our servers are optimized for DDoS filtering.

Timely Interventions

Our staff in case of failures or problems intervenes in a timely manner to solve the problems!

Advanced Assistance

Our staff is always available to help you with the technical management of the product purchased.