Nelax Web Agency (www.nelax.it) is owned by EM GROUPS IT.
VAT: IT 02966710804
PEC: info@pec.nelax-crt.eu

1 - Object and conditions of sale
All customers (companies or individuals) must respect the terms and conditions of use, it is the responsibility of the customer to keep himself informed about further changes to the terms.
EM GROUPS IT may change the terms and conditions at any time without notice.
Last edit: 05/06/2019 – H: 20:24

2 - Duration of the contract
The duration of the contract is specified by the customer when ordering: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly. Through tickets or email (info@nelax.it) the customer can request the modification of the contract duration (renewals).
Hosting/VPS/TS: it is possible to cancel at any time (without obligation)
Dedicated servers: you can request cancellation within at least 7 days from renewal by making the request through the customer area or email info@nelax.it (not mandatory but convenient for our management, in case of no warning the server will be suspended at the expiry).

3 - Reserved
It is not permitted to publish online or offline information from emails, tickets or other corporate communications systems. EM GROUPS IT will not publish any information online or offline of its customers. Recall that in registering domains it is necessary to publish the whois of the registered domain.

4 - Activation
All activation takes place in 4/8 hours if the service is available, for services that are temporarily unavailable (example: the VPS space has run out) it may take a few days (the customer will be notified within 2/4 hours from the order in that case).
All customer data will be verified. EM GROUPS IT to be entitled to refuse orders activation.

5 - VPS band
EM GROUPS IT reserves the right to suspend the VPS in case of continuous overcoming of 100Mbps for days or hours, the customer will still be contacted for explanations before the suspension.

6 - Windows VPS license
Windows Server 2016 Trial comes with a 180-day trial license. It will be the customer who will have to activate the license once the 180 days have been exhausted (or can reset the 180 days by entering the command: slmgr -rearm in the CMD with administrative permissions), EM GROUPS IT does not provide Windows licenses.

7 - Responsibility
EM GROUPS IT is not responsible for any damage caused by: data loss, ddos, IT attacks, server damage, errors. The customer must always make a backup of their data to keep them safe. EM GROUPS IT does not provide backups to customers.

8 - Payments, Renewals and Activations
EM GROUPS IT accepts payments by: Credit/Debit Card, PaySafeCard, PayPal and Wire Transfer. In case the customer data are not verifiable (invented customer data) EM GROUPS IT has the right to refuse activation by issuing a refund of the payment.
The renewal must be carried out up to the expiration date. No extra days will be allowed. EM GROUPS IT reserves the right to cancel VPS or services even the day after the deadline.

9 - Compensation policy
The customer agrees to use all the services offered by EM GROUPS IT at his own risk. Under no circumstances shall EM GROUPS IT be liable for any loss of data or damage caused to the service offered.

10 - Support
EM GROUPS IT undertakes to offer all the necessary support for the administration of the service provided. We remind you that EM GROUPS IT does not deal with the support of scripts or software installed by the customer on our platforms.

11 - Rights
EM GROUPS IT reserves the right to suspend the service offered at any time. Any illegal or violating material the rights of third parties hosted on our servers is not allowed.

12 - Contestations
In the event of a dispute regarding a payment, EM GROUPS IT will have the right to suspend the service at any time and request compensation for damages.

13 - Prohibited Script or Software
The following software is forbidden: IRC script, Mail bomber, IP spoofing, Port scanner, Botnet ssh/telnet access script, Hivemail, Botnet or DDoS script, Mining CPU, CPU/RAM/SSD Stresser and other scripts illegal or infringing third party rights.
In the event of continuous cpu or ram stress EM GROUPS IT will have the right to suspend the service to request due explanations.

14 - Refunds of services delivered
EM GROUPS IT does not issue refunds for the services already activated, as each of our services from the delivery to the customer begins to consume non-refundable goods to us. Example: Current, Internet Connection, Licenses (Example for TeamSpeak).

15 - Reporting of violation of terms or copyright
In case a customer violates some term or the copyright of third parties, we ask to be contacted immediately on the email: info@nelax.it Our Staff Abuse will proceed with analysis of the report.

16 - DDoS protection
EM GROUPS IT is not responsible for offs caused by DDoS attacks. EM GROUPS IT undertakes to mitigate the attack as much as possible through our mitigation systems.

17 - QoS Policy (Quality of Service)

- Limited CPU usage through "child processes"
- Maximum sending E-Mail: 200 mail/hour

- VPS line is not limited, but excessive bandwidth usage is not allowed for prolonged time (above 100Mbps - 1Gbps VPS line)
- In case of continuous use for hours or days at 100% of the vCore the service could be suspended
- Reinstall of VPS Linux: 10/m
- Reinstall of Windows VPS: 10/,

- Slots limit chosen in the order (simultaneous user connections)

18 - Hardware Damage (Dedicated Servers)
In the event of hardware damage due to overloads (CPUs and Disks, for example for Mining BTC) or due to improper use of a dedicated server, the EM GROUPS IT staff may request compensation for damages.