Nelax Web Agency

Choose an eco-friendly hoster!
Our datacenters are powered 100% by renewable energies.

Protect your services, servers and infrastructure from DDoS attacks.

AMD/Intel Hardware

We use Hardware with AMD Ryzen/Intel Xeon processor with IPMI to manage our servers 100% remotely. So to intervene immediately in case of problems.

DDoS Protected

DDoS protection with Arbor Netscout, Arista and Juniper networks. Optimized for GAME and VOICE servers. Live with peace of mind! Stop DDoS!

Control panels

Professional panels that will allow you to manage VPS or Hosting in complete autonomy (re-installations, graphics and many other functions)


All our services include application level protections ddos for server Game and Voice (example TeamSpeak).

CDN77/RETN Network

Our transit passes by CDN77 and RETN this allows to improve the PING all over the world thanks to its optimized Peers.

Automatic activations

No more waiting for the services you order! All orders on are fully automatic. Order your service now. uses cookies for the proper functioning of the site. By using our service, you accept the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. more information